water pumps

Our company provides you with all the equipment and tools necessary for equipping electric power plants.

 The latest international equipment and specifications 
To build the best efficiency for the generation stations and to obtain the best standards at the most appropriate prices and to compete globally

There are types of pumps that are designed with different sizes and capacities to suit all requirements, and they are manufactured from different materials such as cast iron, carbon steel, and others.


Water delivery networks
Drinking water pipes

Sewage pipes

We supply projects with all necessary Water distribution networks Both networks that mean supplying users with water suitable for human use
Drinking water pipes  
 It is the network built inside residential communities and close to pure water sources. This network connects the various users and water sources.
It is the network that carries water from sources and storage basins to places of use. These networks require in-depth studies.

or Sewage pipes Those that transport wastewater to treatment plants or disposal
As the sewage system is designed to transfer the wastewater separately by itself

Network components:

* Water treatment plant.
* Pump station or pumps.
* Tanks overhead or floor.
* Main feeding lines.
* Water is transported in large quantities from pumping stations or reservoirs to a specific part of the area in which the network is to be established.
Sub feeding lines.
* Water is transported from the main supply lines to all areas of the city.

* Small distribution lines.
Water is transported from the branch lines to the users.

* Valves: adjust the pressure as needed or turn off the water.

Water treatment plants
Drinking water treatment
Sewage water treatment
Filter laboratories

Supplying all kinds of devices for water treatment plants

Drinking water treatment: Establishing and supplying devices and equipment for the plant to purify water and obtain safe drinking water.

Wastewater treatment: تجهيز وأنشاء المحطات التي تقوم على عملية إزالة الملوثات من مياه الصرف لإنتاج مياه أمنة بدرجة كافية لإطلاقها في البيئة.

Filter laboratories: In order to supply safe water and for the plants to function properly, we establish filtration laboratories and monitor the results of the filtration process.