Humanitarian projects and rapid response



Logistic Five G is making it a priority to secure school equipment and students for refugees in refugee camps around the world


Establishing and equipping schools:
We supply and equip everything needed for new schools in the refugee camps. 

School restoration and equipping
We help you to re-open and equip damaged schools in safety with difficult humanitarian conditions.

We always aspire to provide assistance to students and educational staff at the lowest costs 

Manufacture and supply of tents conforming to international specifications and standards

Preparing and supplying the camps' requirements of tents according to international standards 

We also provide the necessary equipment for installation and the necessary blocks with each tent 

We ship the tents to the required place within the appropriate conditions and packaging that saves the tents and equipment from the effects of shipping and humidity factors at reasonable prices 

We always look to provide aid and assistance to refugees and their living conditions 

Providing dispensaries with the necessary medical equipment
And supplying all medical laboratory devices

Logistic company offers five g
Medical devices and equipment for the work of dispensaries in the refugee camps

We are working to complete all the necessary requirements for the operation of the dispensary.

We provide work tracking and installation service to provide the best services for the dispensary to operate with the highest efficiency.