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Hydroponics and tubes

    There are many forms of hydroponics, but the most important one is based on a network of tubes of adequate sizes, passing through the water loaded with nutrients, while the seedlings of the plants are placed in upper holes along the tube.

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    The most important components of the tube hydroponic system:

    Feeding and Emptying Basins:

    They are two basins of water, in one of which nutrients and fertilizers are placed in one of them, and the system is fed with it, while the drainage basin receives water after it leaves the system, and one basin may be used so that the water comes out of it and returns to it after completing the journey inside the system.

    A pump to move water through the system

    And it has a relatively low capacity, as there is no need to transfer water to high altitudes.

    Network of tubes

    A network of pipes with a diameter of 4-6 inches, with openings at the top for placing seedlings, and these tubes are arranged horizontally or in a pyramid shape, and for the work of this network there is a need to use elbows and connections or use tubes with a diameter of 1 inch so that water is transported from one of the lines Network to another.

    Pots for planting

    It contains gravel to fix the seedlings in the openings prepared for it. In order to make the hydroponic system, it is possible to take advantage of the plastic tubes that are used in regular water installations, due to the ease of making holes in them and the provision of appropriate connections to connect them together.

    Irrigation canals

    Water is directed into irrigation canals by special facilities called regulatory establishments. These facilities are called differently according to where they are placed in the irrigation network and the function they perform.
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