We specialize in providing all logistics services with the utmost efficiency and support.

Our services

Hand in hand, we provide the necessary study of the project in order to reach together to the best picture of the planned projects with the best materials and the most suitable prices 

Logistic-5g is a leading company in the field of providing logistics services.

We are also proud to provide all solutions and studies that are in line with the requirements of the projects and to follow up the progress of work even to the highest levels of implementation 


Agricultural projects

We believe in everything necessary for large and small agricultural projects

Water projects

Water projects with its divisions: pumps - water treatment plants - laying water delivery networks

Energy projects

We cover requirements for power generation projects and electrical networks 

Studies and consulting services

We are pleased to provide free studies and consultations for all projects and plans.

We also provide support and follow-up service for projects. 


We are proud and happy to help

Planning and implementation

Successful work starts from careful analysis through correct planning

Then implementation and follow-up by working hard and providing the necessary and necessary needs 24/7 At the lowest costs and at the necessary speed 

Therefore, Five G Logistic Company secures the necessary requirements for its work, from proper study to implementation and work

Why choose Logistic-5g

We are a leading provider of solutions and logistics services 

Logistic Five G is also proud that it is one of the best logistics service providers, and we always strive to provide effective and high-efficiency services, thus obtaining customer satisfaction and implementing the best projects at the lowest costs.

It makes us one of the best companies in this field

All this by hard and continuous work with the smallest details and continuous follow-up until the implementation of the last finishing to bring the projects to the complete success



حول العالم


Service level


Customer evaluation

Our principles

-Speed in completing joint work to achieve the desired goals of the partnership
Quality as our company seeks to secure the best materials in terms of efficiency, quality and price.
-Gender equality in terms of our employment opportunities.
-Our company is committed to and supports all the agreed rules of conduct for humanitarian work stipulated in all international humanitarian charters and treaties and international humanitarian law.


Sourcing and implementation

Import from all over the world and all necessary project materials that we cover

We cover large areas of the world where we implement projects in multiple countries